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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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Jan 30, 2021BBQ set rental is also possible

At Okinawa Private Villa chillma, we also offer rental items to enhance your stay.
The most popular is the BBQ set.
It is also recommended that you enjoy BBQ together on the wooden deck provided in the guest room.
Ingredients are not included in the set, so it is recommended that you purchase Okinawan ingredients at the roadside station when you come.

≫≫ Click here for details on rental items

Jan 29, 2021Notice of temporary closure of UMIZORA restaurant in the resort

Currently, the restaurant UMIZORA, which is located inside the resort, is temporarily closed due to the recent spread of COVID-19 infection.
For this reason, we are currently temporarily suspending accommodation plans with dishes and reservations for optional dishes.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
The resumption is scheduled for around March 20th 2021.
We look forward to your continued support of chillma Resort.

Jan 27, 2021Stay in your favorite room

Okinawa private villa chillma consisting of all 4 buildings.
The floor plans and interiors of each building are slightly different.
The official website provides details for each room, so be sure to check out your favorite room.

≫≫ Click here for room details

Jan 26, 2021The view from the bath is also the best

All the bathrooms in the room have ocean views ♪
Why don't you enjoy the scenery of Okinawa while taking a relaxing bath?

Jan 24, 2021Not just the beach!

The charm of chillma is, after all, the private beach and infinity pool.
But,there are also gardens, tree houses and wall art, so There are many places to enjoy ♪
Please take a walk around (^^) /

Jan 23, 2021Watch chillma Resort on video.

chillma Resort, which has an Okinawa private villa chillma, is a resort area in the vast nature.
You can enjoy the beautiful nature of northern Okinawa.
The website also introduces videos of the resort taken with a drone, so be sure to check out the beautiful scenery of chillma Resort.

≫≫ The whole picture of beautiful chillma

Jan 22, 2021Recommended sightseeing spots for winter trips to Okinawa

The most popular travel season in Okinawa is the on-season from spring to summer.
Even in Okinawa, it gets chilly in winter.
However, you can fully enjoy your trip to Okinawa even in the off-season.
At chillma, we also introduce recommended sightseeing spots in Okinawa in winter, so please check it out.

≫≫ Okinawa resort Vol.2 to enjoy because it is winter
*Transit to Japanese site.

Jan 21, 2021Ceremony is also possible at the attached chapel

Inside the chillma Resort, where the Okinawa private villa chillma is located, there is also a chapel "Kouri Island View Chapel" that is perfect for resort weddings.
How about a wedding just for two people together with Okinawa Stay?

≫≫ Click here for the official website of the Kouri Island View Chapel

Jan 20, 2021covid-19 infection countermeasures

At Okinawa Private Villa chillma, we ask our customers to wear masks to prevent the spread of covid-19 infection.
For other infectious disease countermeasures at the facility, please refer to the following page.

≫≫ covid-19 infection countermeasures

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