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chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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The Okinawa weather can change suddenly. On one side, it can be raining yet on the other side of the street it can be sunny. Not only that, but there can be light rains and there can even be squalls, but when it's over, there's almost always a very beautiful rainbow.

The radiant colors are definitely a sight to see.

17/09/2016Starry skies

chillma is out in a secluded part of a small country town.
Unlike the city, there is a lot of great scenery to be seen out here.
One of those things is the starry sky. It's hard to express just how beautiful it looks in a few words.
Experiencing it first hand is the way to go and you can do that here.


The sunset has a certain romantic charm to it. When spending some luxury time alone together, you can get a great view of the cape to the west during the evening sunset.

Please check out the chillma Instagram page for sunset photos and more.

03/09/2016Fall reservations

We are now taking reservations for November.
It won't be as hot, but Okinawa is still plenty warm and it's a very great season to stay here.
If you're looking to kick back and have a relaxing time, we'd definitely love to have you here at chillma.
There are still rooms for October as well.

27/08/2016Fukugi Namiki

Have you ever heard of Fukugi Namiki? A "Namiki" is a lineup of trees and this one is located in Bise. It's one of the best, scenic spots in Okinawa.Bise is nearby Churaumi Aquarium and is a great place to enjoy plenty of nature. It's also said to have healing powers. Definitely give it a visit!

20/08/2016Sightseeing spot

Kouri Island is a sightseeing spot nearby chillma.
You can get a great view of it as well as the bridge connecting the island to land from our rooms.
There are lots of great places to go on the island such as the beach, Heart Rocks, and more.
Going here will make your trip more enjoyable.

13/08/2016A few rooms left

We only have 4 available rooms left for September.

Don't miss this opportunity to spend some time in Okinawa. It's still plenty warm here.

Reservations can be made online. We hope to hear from you soon.

06/08/2016fully ripened mangos

It's now August and the true summer has begun.
In summer, it's a great season for many kinds of great fruit.
chillma is located in Nakijin Village, which has great mangos among other high quality fruits.
Enjoy great fruit, an ocean view and more here at chillma.

30/07/2016reservations for September

Now taking reservations for September.

For customers interested in 2 or more night stays, we're now taking reservations. Okinawa is still plenty warm in September and the Infinity Pool is still usable.
We hope you'll come out and are looking forward to seeing you here.

23/07/2016Premium OKINAWA Wedding

Taking reservations at Premium OKINAWA Wedding.

Our service offers plenty of beautiful scenery, clear blue skies, and a view of the sea for just the two of you.
There's a plan that includes lodging at chillma where you can kick back and have a relaxing time.

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