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chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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05/07/2017Sudden room openings!

We realize this is very short notice, but due to a cancellation room 4 is now available for reservation on July 21 as well as the 23.

This room features the Hollywood twin beds and can be a great room if traveling with a friend.

We hope to see you here at chillma!

30/06/2017Only a few open reservation spots for July!

July's the prime season down here in Okinawa. As of June 30, we have a few spots available:

Room #1 - July 7 and 13
Room #3 - July 15

These are one day only reservations.
We hope you'll come and enjoy a fine time in Okinawa down here at chillma.


We are proud to announce that a new restaurant offering fine Okinawan dining for our guests called "Umizora" is under construction. Umizora will offer plenty of meals made with homegrown ingredients for an extra fine dining experience. Please enjoy a quality meal while staying here.

26/05/2017Clean pajamas available

Here at chillma, we have clean pajamas for our guests. One large and one medium set are available in the rooms, but if you need other sizes, please feel free to mention it when checking in.
We look forward to seeing you here at chillma.

05/05/2017Enjoy some time by the ocean before the rainy season

Summer is rapidly approaching. Before it begins, there's always the rainy season from the later part of May.
Why not enjoy some time down here before it starts? Please check for room availability.

30/04/2017Booking reservation for June stay 1 night

I feel that Okinawa is about to come in the rainy season soon.

Because of the rainy season in chillma, luxurious hours you can spend leisurely
I am waiting and recommended.

There is some space in late May and June.

Those who are considering can see from the room of the villa
Please come and look at the sea of infinity.

And we also launched plan from 1st night of June to 2nd consecutive night of July to October.
As it is a popular season, it is recommended to book early.

10/04/2017Taking reservations for the high season

Starting today, we will be taking reservations for July and August. chillma offers a gorgeous ocean view, infinity pool, and a spectacular beach. Summer is also a great time for those who enjoy BBQ.

Enjoy some quiet, relaxing time here at chillma.

25/03/2017Accessing chillma

It takes about 2 hours to drive to chillma from Naha Airport. Lots of people use the rental car service. There are plenty of landmarks along the way.

For those who don't have a driver's license, you can use the Yanbaru Bus. chillma offers a pickup service from Velparaiso, the nearest bus stop to us. For customers wanting this service, please indicate it when making your reservation.

06/03/2017Starting reservations for the most popular season

We're now taking reservations for July, the most popular season of the year. We fill up every year, so please be sure to get your reservations in. You'll be able to enjoy the Okinawa scenery, a fine time in our pool, and more.

Hope to see you here.

25/02/2017Thai Suki Dinner Set

We have a popular kind of dinner set available that consists of Nakijin pig as well as vegetables grown locally. If you reserve at least 3 days in advance, you can take this option and we'll have some ready for you when you get here.

Hope to see you here.

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