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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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Jun 1, 2016Video of chillma released

We have posted a video showcasing chillma on our main page. This video shows a view of the facility from above.

You can truly see what chillma's all about, from the white sandy beach, to the greenery all around. Definitely give the video a watch.

Please contact us for any reservation inquiries and we hope to see you at chillma in the future.

May 19, 2016(NOTIFICATION) Server Maintenance

To all our customers:
This is a notification that our system will be undergoing maintenance and during this time, our site will be inaccessible.

We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Maintenance is scheduled from 11:00pm, May 20th, 2016 (Fri) until approx. 6:00am, May 21st (Sat)

May 13, 2016Taking reservations for July/August (3 day stays or longer)

We have opened up reservations for July and August on the Jalan and Rakuten Travel sites. These reservations are only for 3 day stays or longer.
*In the event of cancelling or changing a reservation after making one, a cancellation fee will be incurred.

For customers wanting to only stay for 2 days or uncertain about their schedules and thus be potentially subject to cancellation fees for changing/cancelling, please reserve for a later date.

For July and August, we will not be taking any one day reservations. We ask for your understanding in advance.

We have a laundry machine and other equipment set up in all the rooms, so staying for 3 days or longer is certainly possible. We'd love to have you come and relax and enjoy the great view of the sea.

We hope to hear from you soon.

May 12, 2016English version of our site is now available

We're happy to announce that our page has been translated into English, making things more convenient for our foreign customers. Please be sure to check out the English pages.

May 1, 2016Our main page has been redesigned!

chillma is a private resort hotel in the northern part of the Okinawa main island in the village of Nakijin that offers a great view of the sea, quality time under the radiant sky, and plenty of nature as far as the eye can see. Great for couples, we hope you'll enjoy spending a great, relaxing time at our luxurious resort.

Mar 26, 2016Reservation cut off dates using Jalan and Rakuten Travel have been extended

New dates
*Multi-night stays: Until June 30th, 2016
*One night stays: Until May 31st, 2016

We're currently not taking one-day reservations during Golden Week, but this may change during April depending on the room availability. In the past, there are a lot of cancellations about 2 weeks prior to Golden Week, so please check the reservation schedules for more information. Also, please be advised we're not currently doing a waiting list for cancellations.

We should have more information on our site when this starts, so please be patient.

Mar 14, 2016Regarding information about us posted on external websites

Thank you for using the chillma homepage.

We have received inquiries from customers regarding certain women's sites that advertise our hotel and there are a few matters that we would like to clear up. Firstly, we do not make requests for people to do coverage of our hotel, yet some sites have based their information on erroneous articles and have used photos without our permission, which is not how we would like to be portrayed. There have also been some websites falsely advertising that we allow pets at chillma, which we do not. As such, we have tried contacted the administrators of those sites, however in some cases, there is no contact information so we cannot do anything about the incorrect information.

Please be advised that it's possible that the information posted on external websites about us or the services we offer may be either inaccurate or false and please confirm with us if you have any questions about the validity of this information.

Mar 3, 2016(Closing Notice) Maintenance and repairs - March 7th - 13th

Due to maintenance and repairs, we will be closed from March 7th to the 13th. It may also take a big longer to reply to inquiries during the days we are closed. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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