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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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05/05/2018Restoration is done!!

We are sorry that we had some troubles with the booking system from the beginning of July.
Now the restoration is done!
We are lookig forward to contacting from you.

03/05/2018The plans for July calendar is opened now

We have so many inquiries for you about the summer plans.
We'll open the calendar for July1st-15th on May 5th!!!
And the calendar for July16th -31st will be opened on June1st.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

24/04/2018We have same vacant now!

Thank you for your booking in GW!!
now we have some vacant for you.

May 1st room 2.3.4
May 2nd room1
May 5th room1
May 6th room 1 2 4

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

08/04/2018Information about the maintenance

We will have the maintenance work among below period,
You are not enter the pool so please check out the period.

April 10th(Tue)- 3:00PM-12th(Thu)-noon

08/04/2018Private beach

You would stay in Okinawa even it was in winter...

But! we recommend you Okinwa from now more strong!
Chillma is about infinity pool!
you are able to enjoy the pool from the end of April.

And we have private beach.
you would enjoy the beach without no one just you and your special person!!

21/03/2018Infinity pool

It is snowing now in Main area in Japan...
but it'll warm tomorrow.

And it is getting warmer and warmer in Okinawa.
The infinity pool will be open soon.
In will be open from the end of the April.
(there are any guards so please be careful by yourselves when you use the pool)

We are lookig forward to hearing from you.

04/03/2018Information for your GW!

Have you decided the plans for this Golden week??
Now we are open the calendar for the GW!

You are able to enjoy the infinity pool from the end of the April.
The wonderful pool where is continue to the ocean makes you relax...

Please check here.

01/03/2018The special plans for May and June.

Thank you for waiting!!
Our new visiting plan is released now for Nay and June.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

19/02/2018Enjoy the inconvenient location

Nakijin area where is located chilla is Natural rich place.

Sometimes we get call from the visitors that they can't reach the chillma...
Maybe we are able to explain if there are easy spot like a convenience store....

But once you reach yo Chillma, you would forget the inconvenience,
The luxury private area spreads in front of you.
And you would enjoy the starry skies with kori island from your room.

No one can bother you!
Come and experience that once!!

12/02/2018Restaurants near chillma

We have previously mentioned this in some of our news posts, but on our site we have a list of some restaurants in the vicinity of our facility.

Complement your trip with a high quality meal while enjoying a nice ocean view.

For more details on these restaurants, check out the link below:

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