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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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Aug 10, 2020How to spend chillma

Hello everyone. How will you spend your time at chillma?

Of course, you can play on the beach or pool in the facility, or at the adjacent restaurant
I think that I will spend my time thinking about eating.

A yoga mat is also available in the room, so if the weather is nice
Enjoy yoga on the terrace directly under the clear sky.

Also, after sweating on yoga, you can enjoy your coffee machine
You can choose the flavor and have a good tea time too♪

When you come to chillma, please refer to the above-mentioned way of spending.
We look forward to your reservation.

Aug 9, 2020 About chillma WiFi

Since we have installed a WiFi access point in the guest room of chillma,
Internet from your laptop or smartphone
You can access to!
WiFi passwords are provided in each guest room for information
Please check it.

Aug 8, 2020 chillma insect situation

The chillma is surrounded by abundant nature, and depending on the season and weather, geckos, frogs,
Some Yanbaru insects, moths, spiders, etc. may enter the site and facilities.
Although we take as much measures as possible with chemicals that have a low environmental impact, unfortunately it is not perfect.
If insects get into your room, please use the nets and insecticides provided.
Although the gecko is very selfish, it is also referred to as the "housekeeper" and is not considered a pest by this villa.
Therefore, it cannot be removed by the staff (capture may be difficult).
If you want to open the window when there is a lot of insects or at night, please use the screen door.
We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Aug 7, 2020Sightseeing spot around chillma

There are many popular tourist spots around chillma.

* About 25 minutes by car from the Churaumi Aquarium
* About 20 minutes by car from Nakijin Castle Ruins
* About 20 minutes by car from Kouri Island
*Bise Fukugi lined car about 20 minutes

Please drop in when you come to chillma (^^)

Aug 6, 2020 Arrangements for cakes and bouquets are also possible!

Surprise cakes and bouquets can also be arranged at "chillma".
It is possible to provide the cake with a message of your choice.
Please apply for your birthday or anniversary.

≫≫ Click here for details

Aug 5, 2020BBQ set rental is also available.

Starting in August, the rental of BBQ sets is now very well received.
Enjoy summer vacation rentals where you can enjoy a BBQ while watching the beautiful sea from your room's wooden deck.
*BBQ sets are limited in number. If you wish, please contact us as soon as possible.

≫≫ Click here for details on BBQ set rental

Aug 4, 2020 chillma's kitchen

The chillma rooms have a kitchen where you can cook your own meals.

We also have a wide variety of seasonings and tableware, so feel free to use them.
For more details, please see the URL below♪

Q. What kinds of utensils does the kitchen have?

≫≫ FAQ

Aug 3, 2020 About access to chillma

chillma is about 90 minutes by car from Naha Airport and about 30 minutes from Churaumi Aquarium
It is in place. Most of the customers will come from Naha
If you get lost, map code to your car navigation system: 485 630 828
Please enter and search (^^)/

For more details, please see the URL below♪
≫≫ Access

Aug 1, 2020 About reservation during the emergency declaration period.

Today, from August 1st to August 15th, Okinawa Prefecture's original emergency declaration was issued.
Please note that from today onward, for customers who make new reservations during the period of emergency declaration, cancellation after that will be as usual in any case.

Jul 31, 2020About meal

Hello everyone *
At chillma, we also serve meals!

Morning 08:00-09:00
Lunch 11:00-14:00
Dinner 18:30-20:30

If you would like to stay, please let us know at least 5 days before your stay.

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