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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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Aug 30, 2020Bouquet of roses

At chillma, we can help customers who are planning surprises or proposals.
We will prepare a bouquet of roses on your behalf (^ ^)
There are meanings depending on the number of roses
Please refer to the following *

 12  please date me
108  Marry me

Aug 29, 2020Okinawa souvenirs!

What do you think of as a souvenir from Okinawa?
"Shisa", which is said to be a symbol of Okinawa, is a souvenir that is popular with tourists every year!
If you come to Okinawa, please try making Shisa once*
In addition, we also recommend a craft experience such as Ryukyu glass!

Aug 28, 2020About 30 minutes by car to Churaumi Aquarium! !!

There are many popular tourist attractions around chillma.
The most popular spot is the Churaumi Aquarium (^^)
If you look at the whale shark up close, it is very powerful ♪
Please drop in when you come to chillma.

Aug 27, 2020Different room layout for each room.

"chillma" is a vacation rental accommodation with ocean views.
There are only 4 villas, so it is full of private feeling.

All rooms have ocean views.
The interior and layout of each room may differ slightly, so be sure to check the room details.

≫≫ Click here for guest room details

Aug 26, 2020Driving course when coming to "chillma".

"chillma" is about 90 minutes drive from Naha Airport.
Therefore, we recommend renting a car.

The official website also introduces the drive course from Naha Airport to chillma, so please refer to it when you come to "chillma".

≫≫Drive course from Naha Airport to "chillma"

Aug 25, 2020Popular sweets of Okinawa

Okinawa is also famous as a prefecture that produces tropical fruits!
We also recommend sweets that use such tropical fruits♪
Mango parfait, pineapple cake, red potato tart, etc.
If you like sweets, please check it out.*

≫≫ Okinawa's popular sweets

Aug 24, 2020Okinawa food

Do you like Okinawan food?
You can enjoy Okinawa gourmet from chillma around 30 minutes by car
There are cafes and restaurants (^^)
By all means, please see the following gourmet collection and make it a gourmet
Please try it *

≫≫ Okinawa Gourmet

Aug 23, 2020 The charm of Kouri Island

The chillma area is a popular tourist spot for couples and girls.
"Kourijima" is about 20 minutes by car!

There are also power spots and stylish cafes on Kouri Island
Please visit us when you come to chillma.

≫≫ Charm of Kouri Island

Aug 22, 2020 Resort model course introduction 1

chillma is located in Nakijin Village in northern Okinawa.
There are also many tourist spots around here.
Please refer to the model course when you come to chillma*

≫≫ Resort model course introduction

Aug 21, 2020Drive course from Naha Airport to chillma

It is a 90 minute drive from Naha Airport to chillma,
By then there are some tourist spots.
Please enjoy sightseeing while heading to chillma.
There is also a recommended driving course.
Check it out below!

≫≫ Drive course from Naha Airport to chillma

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