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chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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Jun 20, 2021With the declaration of emergency in Okinawa

The Okinawa State of Emergency will be extended until July 11th next month. At Okinawa Private Villa chillma, we will take further measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.
In order to thoroughly prevent infections of our customers and staff, we strictly adhere to requests for disinfection, temperature measurement, and wearing masks at the entrance and exit. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Jun 19, 2021Surprise cake information

How about a surprise cake for your birthday or anniversary?
We will accept orders, so please feel free to contact us.
We will prepare your room before your arrival to create a surprise.
Please contact the staff.
* Please make a reservation at least 7 days before use.
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Jun 17, 2021official homepage reservation privilege

If you make a reservation for a chillma resort villa from the chillma [official] website, you will receive the "official homepage reservation privilege".
Late check-out fee (¥ 2,200 / hour, tax included) is ¥ 1,000 discount! It will be. Late check-out is possible for up to 2 hours.
This is a great benefit for customers who want to spend their time slowly until their departure.

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Jun 13, 2021 chillma infection control

Thanks to you, chillma continues to operate in June.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but please wear a mask when you come to the museum.
Thank you for your cooperation in alcohol disinfection and temperature measurement.
May your stay be a happy day. We look forward to your reservation.

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Jun 12, 2021Works of art on a private beach

At chillma, blessing bells and wall art are drawn on the private beach. There is also a handmade swing that you can enjoy while looking out at the sea. Please enjoy various photo spots during your stay.

Jun 10, 2021chillmaBBQ

BBQ equipment comes with chairs and tables that you can enjoy on the wooden deck, stove-type BBQ equipment and tableware. The BBQ with a panoramic view of Kouri Island is exceptional. Please select it as a plan option.

Jun 6, 2021 Commitment to amenities

As for chillma amenities, we offer Ryukyu cosmetics using Okinawan natural ingredients for shampoos and conditioners, lotions and emulsions of the American luxury personal care brand "ARCHIVE". The refreshing scent is perfect for a resort. Please fully enjoy the feeling of Okinawa.

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Jun 5, 2021Recommended room

Customers often ask us about recommended rooms. All rooms have ocean views and there is no big difference, so we recommend all of them, but Room 1 has a flat footing so it is easy to get in and out. Rooms 2 and 3 have a wide view of the sea from the open kitchen, and Room 4 has a nice garden lawn with a little garden feeling! There is a little opinion from the staff such as. You can also check the floor plan of each room on the Room page, so please refer to it and we are waiting for your wonderful stay reservation ^ ^
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Jun 3, 2021Couples, friends and family

The chillma resort is a facility where you can "live" in a luxury villa.
It is used not only for couples, but also for staying with couples and important friends.
Please spend a special time slowly flowing to a luxurious and luxurious villa different from the hotel.

May 30, 2021Dynamic SNS update!

At chillma Resort, staff members deliver information on Twitter and Instagram almost every day, such as daily scenery and the situation in northern Okinawa. Please feel free to follow me ^^


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