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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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Oct 2, 2020great look morning♪

At chillma, there is a morning that it will look great on Instagram!
You can enjoy colorful and 9 kinds of side dishes little by little.
It is a luxurious tropical plate (*'▽')
By all means, we are waiting for meal reservations at the time of stay ☆ 彡

Sep 29, 2020Photomosaic on chillma's private beach ♪

chillma's private beach is for weddings
Completely available only to hotel guests
It is a private beach.
The color of the beach shines in emerald green
It is said that the transparency is also very high!
Memorable at such a private beach
Would you like to take a nice photo (^^) /

Sep 28, 2020Why don't you spend your winter vacation at chillma?

I think that many people think of Okinawa as "summer",
The scenery of Okinawa in "winter" is as beautiful as in summer! !!
Enjoy the beautiful scenery that does not change all year round from the chillma guest room
Please enjoy.
We are waiting for your reservation ♪

Sep 27, 2020cheers!!

At chillma, our rooms have a terrace overlooking the sea.
How about a delicious Orion beer while hitting the wind?
Let's enjoy the evening drink at chillma (^^) /

Sep 26, 2020 Recommended for proposal

In chilma, to support proposal
Ordering a bouquet of roses and a surprise cake,
Bed decorations are also available!
I hope it will be a wonderful memory for you
We will do our best to support you (*'▽')
If you wish, please feel free to contact us.

Sep 25, 2020The best view! !! !!

The rooms and guest rooms of chillma are "beautiful guest rooms" that are overlooked!
We take pride in being more special and attractive than other accommodations
It ’s also very popular, so
Why don't you try something for that person (^^) /
We are looking forward to your reservation ♪

Sep 24, 2020Recommended Okinawa travel routes by length of stay

In the chillma official website also introduces how to spend time in Okinawa prefecture according to the number of nights stayed.
We also recommend a long-term stay at chillma where you can spend a relaxing time without making a special schedule, but after all it is a great trip to Okinawa.
Many people would like to go to various places.
Please check it out as a reference for your Okinawa travel schedule.

≫≫ Recommended Okinawa travel routes by length of stay

Sep 23, 2020Private villa recommended for couples

chillma is a private villa with only 4 buildings.
Each guest room is independent, so you can stay with a sense of privacy.

It is also very popular with couples, so please use it for honeymoons and commemorative trips.

≫≫ Click here for reservation

Sep 22, 2020Women's travel plan with sweets

At chillma, sweets that are very popular with women and mornings that look great on Instagram
We have a recommended plan for you ♪
Enjoy your stay at chillma with your friends *
≫≫ Click here to make a reservation

Sep 21, 2020 Infinity pool

Everyone, Hello!
The infinity pool available only to guests
It is available until the end of November! !! !! Make a reservation as soon as possible (^^)

[Infinity pool information]
Available period: Late March to the end of November

* Even during the period, it may not be available depending on the weather, water temperature, maintenance, etc.
Please be forewarned.

Pool available time: 8:00 to 17:00

Shared spaces such as the pool and beach can be used even after check-out.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check out before using.
(There are no guards at the pool or beach, so please manage your luggage and valuables yourself.)

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