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chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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21/07/2019Current room statuses

Thank you for always using chillma.
I am very grateful, and I have made reservations from many customers in July, and have made them full.
Please come to chillma by all means in August, so there is still space.


【August availability】(As of July 21, 2019, 13:00)
August 4 (Sun) 2 remaining rooms (rooms 2 and 3)
August 5 (Mon.) Remaining 2 rooms (rooms 2 and 4)
Okinawa in August is the best season!
As we also offer snorkel rental
We recommend early reservation ♪
We look forward to your reservation.

▼ Reservation form


Do you have any plans for this summer?
In chillma, we have a full room in July,
Because there is still space in August
We look forward to your stay.

As there is advantageous plan, too
Please check it.

▼ Reservation form

14/06/2019Taking flower orders

Looking to celebrate a birthday for someone special? Looking to propose?

Nothing makes a nicer birthday present than flowers. Right now we're offering a fine arrangement for only 8,500 yen. Interested parties should inquire our staff. Thank you.

01/05/2019Notice of homepage maintenance

Thank you very much for using EXEO on a daily basis.
We will maintain the web server during the following period.
Please note that we can not browse our website during maintenance.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.



Popular UMIZORArestaurant♡
It become a new menu !
We will orepare delicious food again this month.
salmon confit,foie gras and ishigaki beef steak;)
Please enjoy it to heart`s content.

17/03/2019Reservation from company HP has privilege♪

To everyone who made a reservation for the stay from their chillma site
There will be a bonus all the time!

1, discounted ¥ 1,000 for late out charges!
2, welcome fruit filling service in the room!
3, one drink service! (Only for customers who apply for a plan with a half board)

Plus one service than other customers
Do you not accept by all means?

01/03/2019Infinity Pool Open

Infinity pool opened today from March 1st.
Beautiful, bluish and sparkling,
The Churaumi shining in "Nakijin Blue" spreading in front of you
Keeping a sense of unity with Yanbaru's clear blue sky,
As Infinity '= infinite' words have, the world of the blue sky spreads as far as possible.
In the time zone of magic hour at dawn and twilight,
It seemed as if literally magic was applied,
It is wrapped in shades like fantasy, which can not be expressed in words (^ _ -) - ☆

28/02/2019GW is the best season! !

It's golden week in about two months already
How is your schedule of Golden Week?
Golden week is the best season in Okinawa chillma resort
On a private beach that shines in 'Nakijin Blue'
Colored like butterflies flying around the flower garden Colored gathering swimming in colorful fish
Together to snorkel,
Swim in the infinity pool as if you are following Churaumi
It is a pleasant season for strolling around Koryu Island, Churaumi Aquarium and Yanbare no Mori
There is also a very popular plan with dinner and breakfast at restaurant umizora.
Please also secure tickets for airplanes as soon as possible.

21/02/2019New Reservation Perks

We've added some perks for reservations. Please check them out below!

1. Late checkout - 1,000 yen off discount
2. A present of welcome fruits willl be waiting for you in your room
3. For customers doing the 1 night 2 meal plan, dinner will come with a free drink


The Anniversary Plan,for your family,your friends,offers a couple,a surprise plan that you can celebrate with people important to the anniversary of the coupl.
Suites Villa with lovely decoration welcomes you! Along with the people what willing to unexpected surprise,
it is no doubt that can leave more memories.
By all means,please enjoy your stay in nice chillma Resort.

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