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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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Listed below are some of the questions people ask regarding various topics at chillma


Is there a spa or massage area?

Sorry, but there is not.

Can I do yoga?

Yes, there are yoga mats in the room.

What months of the year can the pool be used?

Generally from the end of March to the end of November, however depending on the climate, this may change. Also, there may be times when the pool may be closed due to poor weather or maintenance, so we ask for your understanding in advance. For more specifics, please check out the site blog.

Can I do any water sports?

No marine leisure is provided, but we do have a private beach. Other than that, if you’re interested in other areas for doing such activities, we can direct you to such locations.
*Please note there are no lifeguards at the pool or beach, so please take precautions if you bring young children into these areas.

Is it possible to rent any equipment for snorkeling?

We do have masks, flippers, water socks, and life jackets available, but depending on the size of the person, the numbers may be limited and given out in the order they were requested. Therefore, we recommend that customers bring their own equipment. Also, we don’t provide other equipment such as swimwear, inner tubes, or sunblock.

What kinds of utensils does the kitchen have?

There are several utensils for customers planning to do long-term stays.


Kitchen utensils: IH stove (2 burners), microwave oven (easy to use), toaster, refrigerator, freezer, coffee machine, IH sauce pan, IH frying pan, IH pasta pan, kettle, carving knife, cutting board, chopsticks, ladle, spatula, bowls, wrapping paper, rice cooker, soap, and sponges.

*Note: We also have more utensils in addition to those listed above. Please inquire for more info.

Condiments: Oil, salt, pepper, soy sauce, sugar

*Note: Reception has some condiments in addition to these in the refrigerator, but for all others, customers will need to bring them themselves.

Eating utensils: 2 big plates, 2 small plates, 2 teacups, 2 wine glasses, 2 champagne glasses, a wine opener, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks

*For any utensils other than those listed above, customers will need to provide them themselves.

Can I drink coffee, tea, or other beverages in the room?

The rooms have a coffee maker and coffee capsules. We also have mineral water and tea bags, all of which are free of charge.

Can I have more info about the bathrooms and amenities?

There are disposable toothbrushes, or cotton swabs provided. Fabric softener and laundry detergent are always available, too.

Do you have pajamas?

Here at chillma, we have clean pajamas for our guests. One large and one medium set are available in the rooms, but if you need to exchange for other sizes, please feel free to mention it when checking in.

Are there any convenience stores or supermarkets nearby?

On weekdays, during the afternoon, there is a nearby sore that has some general foods and goods. However, the nearest convenience stores and supermarkets are all 6-7 minutes away by car. In addition to that, Nago city has an AEON shopping mall and other large-scale stores which are around 25 minutes away by car.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

There’s only one restaurant within walking distance (closed Thursdays). Other than that, any other restaurants in the village or neighboring communities will need a car, but if you’re interested, we can certainly provide more information.

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