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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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About Us

About Us

Nothing but a relaxing time... Nothing but a luxurious lifestyle...

The rooms are enjoyable

chillma is a villa where you can see the earthly colors and is located near Unten Port, in the northern part of the main Okinawa island. As soon as you leave the country roads and pull in, you'll be able to see emerald greens, cobalt blues as well the beach.

The secret, private resort

The secret, private resort chillma is approximately 1,650 square meters in size. All the rooms are 1 floor tall and are designed with total privacy in mind. Every room also has the infinity pool, which gives the illusion of being by the sea. Nothing takes away from the scenery as it's all spectacular.

Outside, you can come down to the private beach and enjoy spending some time there. The shores are always peaceful and you can go snorkeling. Best of all, nobody will get in your way.

It's the kind of relaxation you have to experience to truly know.

The place where you can relax anywhere, anytime

Relax anywhere, anytime

Relax while getting a view of the sea, islands, sky, and stars

After waking up from the long night, you'll be able to hear the quiet waves on the pool side and see the vibrant colors of the sea and the radiant, blue sky. Please give this simple pleasure a try, even for one day.

We're in a prime location for getting together for any special occasions you may have.

Escape the busy lifestyle that is the city and enjoy a simple, peaceful time here at chillma.

Various images of the room, beach, and sea


The name comes from the English phrase "chill out", which means to calm down or relax.
It was felt that this was the perfect place for doing just that and thus, chillma was born.
Everyone always wants to come back here and you'll feel the same way.

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