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Okinawa private resort chillma

chillma: An Okinawa private resort

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Reservation Info

Reservation Info

chillma is a villa-style resort hotel in Okinawa.

You’ll be able to get a great view of the sea, relax in the Infinity Pool, cook whatever you like, go to plenty of great sightseeing locations, and more. Our facility is set up so people can spend a long, enjoyable time here.

Most of all, you’ll simply be able to enjoy a luxurious time and take your mind off the hardships of everyday life. That’s what we want most for you.

Repeat customers receive prioritization, easier reservations, and may receive discount packages. During the main season, accepted reservations are prioritized based on customer history as well as length of stays

Main season reservation prioritization

Reservations will be prioritized and taken as per the table below.
Please note the following prioritization system is not applicable during the off-season.

Repeat customers (see note 1) Customers staying 3 nights or more Customers staying 2 nights Customers staying 1 night (see note 2)

  • ※1…We ask repeater customers to please contact us before making a reservation online.
  • ※2…For one-day only customers, we reserve the right to check our schedule before accepting the reservation. In general, we ask that these reservations be made 2 weeks and sometimes up to 2 months in advance so we can adjust the room availability. Also, sometimes the reservation screen with multi-day plans will show an open room for one day, but there may be instances where a one day plan is simply not possible. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

Reserve online using the following options

Please note the reservation and account pages are only available in Japanese.

  • ※Reservations done using certain cell phones, in particular older ones, may not allow transactions with credit cards. In this case, we apologize in advance, but ask that you use a travel booking site like Jalan or Rakuten Travel.
  • ※Rooms are limited to up to two adults and one child (elementary age or younger) doing sleep share.
  • ※There may be instances when the requested type of bed is unavailable. We as for your understanding on this matter.
  • ※For customers wishing to do multiple reservations, the first reservation must finish before being able to make any additional reservations.
    (e.g. Person A wants to reserve in June and again in July. The June reservation must first pass before being able to reserve for July)
  • ※We will not accept reservations for customers wishing to use the same room under different check-in and check-out dates for the persons in that room.
    (e.g. A reservation with person A and B wanting to use the same room, but person A wants to check out at an earlier date whereas person B wants to stay a longer time would not be accepted)
  • ※After making a reservation, we will need to perform a check on some matters before being able to finalize a reservation. There may be instances where we will have to deny or refuse a reservation.

To confirm or cancel a reservation, please use the button below

Modify account info

For customers who already have an account with us wishing to change their information, password, or have forgotten their password, please use the following links.

Modify account information Modify account information Change password Change password I forgot my password I forgot my password

If there are any unclear points about reservations, please contact us

Tel: 050-5810-3978

※The information above is subject to change anytime

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